Fireside Chat – 10/17/21

This week in Angel's Citadel's Lounge, our fireside chat hosted a special guest. Zach (known around the internet as greatzamino) from ManaPot Studios joined us in a discussion about what makes a good villain. We had a blast chatting about this as the conversation wandered from tabletop roleplaying games to fiction, both in print and … Continue reading Fireside Chat – 10/17/21

Fireside Chat – 10/10/21 In the Citadel Lounge yesterday, we spent time talking about mature themes in games, consent in gaming, and the kinds of groups needed to explore those themes. We had a great chat with our buddy Fjook who showed up to watch and answered some of his questions. We'd love to see more of you … Continue reading Fireside Chat – 10/10/21

Fireside Chat – 10/3/21 On yesterday's lounge we began by talking about a 'zine that both Joann and I really liked that was written by some friends of ours, Sean and Navi Drake (A Couple of Drakes). You can find that product, The Widow of Roses, on here for $5. As I mentioned on the stream: Totally … Continue reading Fireside Chat – 10/3/21

Tailoring your Games

Yesterday on Angel's Citadel's Fireside Chat, around technical issues (we're still working out the bugs with this whole "streaming" thing) we talked about tailoring your RPG sessions and campaigns to your players and group's characters and answered some questions from the chat. For those of you that missed it, you can still check it out … Continue reading Tailoring your Games