Fireside Chat – 10/17/21

This week in Angel’s Citadel’s Lounge, our fireside chat hosted a special guest. Zach (known around the internet as greatzamino) from ManaPot Studios joined us in a discussion about what makes a good villain. We had a blast chatting about this as the conversation wandered from tabletop roleplaying games to fiction, both in print and on the screen. There was a bit of disagreement, some advice offered, and in general, just a fun conversation with a good friend of the Citadel.

If you are not following their channel, you absolutely should. They have a ton of great content and are wonderful people all around. Their Discord is a great place to hang out too. We know from experience. While you’re at it, follow our Twitch channel and subscribe to our YouTube channel (and like the videos if you enjoy what we do) to be notified when we have a new video up. It helps increase our visibility to the community at large and we’re trying to help all of them too. You can also come join our Discord server and chat with us there. We’re always happy to help with whatever gaming questions you have and can set up rooms if you want to host games but don’t have your own server. Additionally, we’ve got more programming coming and that’s the first place we’ll look for people who want to participate. Happy gaming!

  • Josh Walles

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