Hunting for Players

Do you ever feel like this trying to find the right players for your tables? You're not alone... One of the very best things about the tabletop roleplaying community as a whole is its diversity.  With the advent of the internet and tools like Discord, Skype, Roll20, Foundry, and other gaming over IP software, it … Continue reading Hunting for Players

Taking Notes

Let's face it, that could totally be a Tabletop RPG sourcebook. You don't know... Prior to spending most of my time reading game material for reviews and such, I read a lot more fiction. One of my personal favorite authors (let's face it - there were many) was always Tom Clancy. In one of his … Continue reading Taking Notes

What if I Screw Up?

One of the earliest recorded instances of the facepalm... One of the things I’ve noticed in gaming is this interesting desire for perfection. There seems to be a wide-spread desire to play the perfect game, tell the perfect story, have the perfect amount of game knowledge (rules, lore, or both). This is also often combined … Continue reading What if I Screw Up?

Gaming, Table for One (or Two)

I still want my light purple dragon... Sometimes, juggling daily life and gaming reminds me of the quote from the Princess Bride, “Life is pain, princess. Anyone trying to tell you different is selling something”. Let’s be honest, he wasn’t wrong. He might not have been completely right, but he wasn’t wrong. Life is pain, … Continue reading Gaming, Table for One (or Two)

Gaming Gatekeeping and “Ableism”

Black Knight Security: The finest unnecessary gatekeeping this side of Camelot. No coconuts necessary... If you’re reading this, role playing games are for you! Here at Angel's Citadel, we try pretty hard to remain (mostly) about the games. We want to make sure that the stories we all like to tell take center stage in … Continue reading Gaming Gatekeeping and “Ableism”