Review: Ironsworn and Ironsworn: Delve

We have talked some about fantasy roleplaying games here on Angel’s Citadel in the past.  Some of them are whole games such as Worlds Without Number or Low Fantasy Gaming, and others are supplements to other games such as Godforsaken or Ptolus.  But one thing is for sure, fantasy is in our blood.  At least … Continue reading Review: Ironsworn and Ironsworn: Delve

Review: The Nightside

I am going to preface this review by stating, unequivocally, that I love Invisible Sun.  It is absolutely my favorite RPG, having supplanted Numenera.  Its surreality and fascinating take on magic get my creative juices flowing.  The artwork is astoundingly good.  The character creation process completely changed how I think about Session Zero in all … Continue reading Review: The Nightside

Review: Low Fantasy Gaming Class Toolkit Compendium

Those of us that have purchased third party material for any length of time know that the products that fall in this category are hit-or-miss.  This has absolutely nothing to do with intent.  In fact, most of the people that I’ve talked to in the “miss” group are great people that I’d happily sit down … Continue reading Review: Low Fantasy Gaming Class Toolkit Compendium

Review: Mindjammer (FATE Core Edition)

Mindjammer, by Sarah Newton of Mindjammer Press, distributed by Mōdiphiϋs Entertainment Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the more impressive books that we have on our shelves.  It’s no secret that Joann and I love science fiction.  It was where we first turned our eyes to when we started writing material … Continue reading Review: Mindjammer (FATE Core Edition)

Review: Alice is Missing

Alice is Missing, designed by Spenser Starke and Hunters Entertainment Very rarely in this hobby does a player stumble across a truly unique game, something that stands out as a powerful, engaging, and awe-inspiring experience. Even though I’ve only personally played role-playing and storytelling games for a bit over a year, I can say with … Continue reading Review: Alice is Missing