Review: Band of Blades

Do you get bored playing the same characters over and over and like to use different tactics? Are you tired of the same old refrain? Do you love dark, gritty and horror? Do you have a taste for both military and individual combat? Allow me to introduce you to a Forged in the Dark book … Continue reading Review: Band of Blades

Review: Interface Zero 2.0 (FATE Edition)

Interface Zero 2.0, FATE Edition by Gun Metal Games For those of you who have gotten to know us over the time that we have been active in the tabletop roleplaying space, you’ve probably figured out that both Joann and I really enjoy cyberpunk games.  A REALLY lot.  It was, quite literally, how we originally … Continue reading Review: Interface Zero 2.0 (FATE Edition)

Review: No Thank You, Evil!

On another post, I talked about gaming for and with children. This post is a review for a book that’s specifically geared towards those children and that we mentioned in that post. No Thank You, Evil! is produced by Monte Cook Games and was written by Shanna Germain and Monte Cook. The game was originally … Continue reading Review: No Thank You, Evil!

Review: Liminal

Liminal, a Role-Playing game by Paul Mitchener, distributed by Modiphius I was always a fan of the X-Files.  Well, at least about the first four seasons.  I had fun watching Mulder and Scully peel back layers and discover truth beneath the veneer of the ordinary.  The idea of “looking deeper” always seemed to resonate with … Continue reading Review: Liminal

Review: Better Angels

Better Angels is a Supervillian Roleplaying Game by Greg Stolze and produced by Arc Dream Publishing So first, let’s be honest. The whole ‘Supers’ genre isn’t typically ‘my bag, baby.’ However, when I saw it, I couldn’t resist. It was the cover that caught my attention: Bright, shining, and fire… lots and lots of fire. … Continue reading Review: Better Angels