Review: Gods of the Fall

"Ray. When someone asks you if you're a god... you. say. YES!" Unless they're a Knight of Reconciliation, of course... It was years ago that I first ran into White Wolf’s Exalted.  Having never been much of a fan of their “horror” games (the exceptions being Mage and Hunter), I had, however picked up Æon … Continue reading Review: Gods of the Fall

Review: Liminal Shore

It's time, once again, to enter a bizarre new world, full of strange things to discover. Welcome... to the Liminal Shore. I remember when I first read Numenera.  The setting captured my imagination in a way nothing had since Dungeons & Dragons when I was a young boy.  The blend of the familiar and the … Continue reading Review: Liminal Shore

Review: Voices of the Datasphere

I remember as a young boy when I was old enough (it was released when I was four), watching Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, and Cindy Morgan face off against David Warner in the movie classic, Tron.  It was the lights that fascinated me.  The blues of the memory discs and the light cycles.  The reds … Continue reading Review: Voices of the Datasphere

Review: Mortal Fantasy

Mortal Fantasy is by Christopher Robin Negelein of Ganza Gaming One of the great things that Monte Cook Games has done is to make it possible for their most loyal, and some would say their craziest, fans to produce content under license and sell it.  Patterned after systems like DM’s Guild, the Cypher Creator System … Continue reading Review: Mortal Fantasy

Review: We Are All Mad Here

Down a rabbit hole, behind a waterfall... wonder seems to be what draws us into the world of the fairy tale. For going on 35 years now, I have played roleplaying games. Much of that time has been focused on Dungeons & Dragons, that is, classic high fantasy. Much of that time has been focused … Continue reading Review: We Are All Mad Here