Review: Claim the Sky

No, Josh. For the last time... it's not "Clam the Sky". There are NO clams in, nor were any harmed in the making of this book... Comics. The glossy color pages, devoured in secret because "Girls can’t like comics". Hidden gems of beauty and brief snapshots into the lives of those that were "more". From … Continue reading Review: Claim the Sky

Review: City of Mist

City of Mist Player's Guide City of Mist MC's Toolkit Angel’s Citadel purchases a lot of games.  A lot.  We’ve discussed elsewhere how we acquire these games and why, so I’m not going to cover that here.  What I will say, is that often, in these new games, there is a section on things that … Continue reading Review: City of Mist

Review: The Ninth World Guidebook

The Ninth World Guidebook, A Numenera Sourcebook by Monte Cook and Shanna Germain I don’t know if I should feel amused or sad, but when I start some of these reviews (particularly like this one), there is a part of me that is afraid that I can almost hear the groaning out there.  “Is he … Continue reading Review: The Ninth World Guidebook

Review: ARC

One of the things that we’ve noticed as we’ve spent time this year backing and reviewing various tabletop roleplaying products, both those supplemental to larger roleplaying games that we have or are familiar with, and those that are truly independent is the staggering variety of approaches in thought.  Yes, there are a few that seem … Continue reading Review: ARC

Wait… What day is it again?

ARC, a roleplaying game by Bianca Canoza and Exalted Funeral You know how things always seem to start out with the best intentions and then life comes along and says, "Nope. Not today, sucka!"? Well, that's what happened this week. I've got the review about half done and life came along and dumped a bunch … Continue reading Wait… What day is it again?