Review: The Origin

If you’ve followed our blog here, or our Twitch streams, or know us personally in a Tabletop Roleplaying Game context, you’ll know that while I will play basically anything (especially if my wife is running it – She’s my favorite GM), I freely admit that superhero games really aren’t my bag.  For the most part, … Continue reading Review: The Origin

Review: Defiant

In the past, I have talked some about my discovery of Numenera.  How with the first reading, I didn’t really understand what I held in my hands.  It was only with time and play and immersing myself in both the design thought process (for the mechanics) and the narrative (for the setting) that I truly … Continue reading Review: Defiant

Review: Red Rook Revolt

As has been our way, whenever a publisher comes to us and asks us to review a product, assuming it’s in our wheelhouse, we do it.  This week, we have another opportunity to do so.  We were approached by Magnus Hansen to take a look and do a review on his product: Red Rook Revolt.  … Continue reading Review: Red Rook Revolt


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