Mental Health Break

So, there will be no review today, and no article or review next week as we are taking some time away from the computer and gaming to get some physical work done. We will resume our regularly scheduled posting on April 30th with a review of Worlds without Number. We love you guys but need … Continue reading Mental Health Break

A Look at Worldbuilding

Questions, always with the questions…  They’re what drives us forward as a species. Humanity lives for questions.  This time the question is: World Building.  How do you do it and where do you start?  To make it clear, this article is opinion based on our own experiences (Angel’s Citadel – Josh & I) and the … Continue reading A Look at Worldbuilding

Review: Band of Blades

Do you get bored playing the same characters over and over and like to use different tactics? Are you tired of the same old refrain? Do you love dark, gritty and horror? Do you have a taste for both military and individual combat? Allow me to introduce you to a Forged in the Dark book … Continue reading Review: Band of Blades


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