Review: Aether

Those of you familiar with our reviews this past year have found that we have spread our wings a bit as a result of way too many Kickstarters and started a study of the design philosophies of other games.  We continue that today with a new one that we picked up on another site you … Continue reading Review: Aether

New Gamemaster Month

Both Joann and I are active advocates of gaming. We want you, our audience, playing games. We want you running games. We want to help you to do both better. This is the perfect time of year to discuss this, particularly the part about running games. We know there are many of you who haven’t … Continue reading New Gamemaster Month


Those of you that have been following us on social media know, things are pretty crazy over at Citadel Walles. Between job hunting and preparing for school and loads of people living in the house and visitors coming for Christmas, both the Angel and I are feeling a bit… frazzled. I had every intention of … Continue reading Hiatus

Review: Everway Silver Anniversary Edition

One of the things that we’ve spent a lot of time on at Angel’s Citadel since we’ve started writing blog posts and reviews is trying to find, understand, review, and sometimes incorporate various roleplaying mechanics into our own thinking and designs.  From fairly traditional backgrounds in Dungeons & Dragons and Shadowrun, we’ve encountered quite a … Continue reading Review: Everway Silver Anniversary Edition

Review: Claim the Sky

Comics. The glossy color pages, devoured in secret because “Girls can’t like comics”. Hidden gems of beauty and brief snapshots into the lives of those that were “more”. From Superman and Batman to the Huntress, Storm and Wonder Woman, they lived, they loved, they had phenomenal adventures and always, always defeated the bad guy. For … Continue reading Review: Claim the Sky


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