Writing a Campaign

I had a hard time with this blog post.  And it was not because I don’t see value in writing a campaign, but because, for the most part, I am an improv GM and typically don’t write campaigns. To get this blog post written, I had to cast my mind back many, many years to … Continue reading Writing a Campaign

Deities, Laws, and the Consequences of Choice

For today’s article, I’d want to take another look at worldbuilding, specifically, some of the things that help a campaign world feel “alive” to your players.  We’re going to talk about choice and consequence.  One of the biggest selling points of tabletop roleplaying games is the freedom.  When a GM asks, “What do you do?”, … Continue reading Deities, Laws, and the Consequences of Choice

Review: Vertices

In October of last year, the books for Monte Cook Games’ Liminal Shores Kickstarter started fulfilling with the first book, Voices of the Datasphere.  Vertices continues the tally of material from this Kickstarter with additional material ready to drop into your Numenera game whether you use the concept of the Datasphere or simply wish for … Continue reading Review: Vertices


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