Review: Gods of the Fall

It was years ago that I first ran into White Wolf’s Exalted.  Having never been much of a fan of their “horror” games (the exceptions being Mage and Hunter), I had, however picked up Æon (prior to it being renamed Trinity after the whole Viacom/MTV lawsuit against White Wolf in 1997 – I still have … Continue reading Review: Gods of the Fall

Crafting Memorable Villains

In a previous post I discussed how to make creatures and NPCs your own, narratively and mechanically. Now, I’m going to talk about making memorable villains (If your PCs are Murder-hobos this post probably won’t help much because then they are the villain… at least to the common NPC). Mechanically, adjusting villains is no different … Continue reading Crafting Memorable Villains

Review: Liminal Shore

I remember when I first read Numenera.  The setting captured my imagination in a way nothing had since Dungeons & Dragons when I was a young boy.  The blend of the familiar and the weird, and the way it was both incomprehensible and evocative at the same time.  It was unlike anything that I had … Continue reading Review: Liminal Shore


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