Review: The Gaia Complex

The Gaia Complex - A Game of Flesh and Wires, by Chris Shepperson and Hansor Publishing Joann and I have made no secret that we both really dig on Cyberpunk roleplaying games.  Earlier this year, we went and supported a rash of Kickstarters and one of these was a title that we supported for no … Continue reading Review: The Gaia Complex

Review: LowLife 2090

LowLife 2090, a game of Cyberpunk and Sorcery by Steven Grodzicki of Pickpocket Press One of the first Kickstarters we backed, we did, to be honest, out of spite.  We have mentioned before that both Joann and I come from a heavy background of Cyberpunk and particularly Shadowrun.  She and I both really love the … Continue reading Review: LowLife 2090

Review: Hard-Wired Island

Hardwired Island: Retrofuture Cyberpunk, by Paul Matijevic, Freyja Erlingsdóttir, and Minerva McJanda from Weird Aged Games We're back again for a review and talking Cyberpunk. It's one of our favorite subjects here at Angel's Citadel, and we're looking at a new product this week from a publisher that's new to us: Weird Age Games. The … Continue reading Review: Hard-Wired Island

Review: Interface Zero 2.0 (FATE Edition)

Interface Zero 2.0, FATE Edition by Gun Metal Games For those of you who have gotten to know us over the time that we have been active in the tabletop roleplaying space, you’ve probably figured out that both Joann and I really enjoy cyberpunk games.  A REALLY lot.  It was, quite literally, how we originally … Continue reading Review: Interface Zero 2.0 (FATE Edition)

Bonus Post: Playtesting Session

Just a quick note today. Angel's Citadel got together with John Polack of Mr. Mean Speaks (Check him out on YouTube and Discord - he's a great guy) and some of the Meanie Army and had a playtest session of LowLife 2090. Angel's Citadel backed the Kickstarter a couple of months ago. Written by Steven … Continue reading Bonus Post: Playtesting Session