Game Publishing: Licenses

As the title says, for this article we're going to start talking about the big one, the amazing one, the dangerous thing called… publishing. Most people I follow and a number of TTRPG gamers talk about being a publisher. Having their name as a headliner on a book that they wrote, or in some cases … Continue reading Game Publishing: Licenses

Review: Interface Zero 2.0 (FATE Edition)

Interface Zero 2.0, FATE Edition by Gun Metal Games For those of you who have gotten to know us over the time that we have been active in the tabletop roleplaying space, you’ve probably figured out that both Joann and I really enjoy cyberpunk games.  A REALLY lot.  It was, quite literally, how we originally … Continue reading Review: Interface Zero 2.0 (FATE Edition)

Review: FATE Core

When you’ve been around roleplaying games as long as I have, you get to say you remember a lot.  I remember when Battletech first came out.  I remember all the stages of ownership of Shadowrun.  And I remember first hearing about an obscure game called Fudge.  Being as young as I was in the early … Continue reading Review: FATE Core