New Gamemaster Month

Both Joann and I are active advocates of gaming. We want you, our audience, playing games. We want you running games. We want to help you to do both better. This is the perfect time of year to discuss this, particularly the part about running games. We know there are many of you who haven't … Continue reading New Gamemaster Month

Fireside Chat – 10/10/21 In the Citadel Lounge yesterday, we spent time talking about mature themes in games, consent in gaming, and the kinds of groups needed to explore those themes. We had a great chat with our buddy Fjook who showed up to watch and answered some of his questions. We'd love to see more of you … Continue reading Fireside Chat – 10/10/21

Tailoring your Games

Yesterday on Angel's Citadel's Fireside Chat, around technical issues (we're still working out the bugs with this whole "streaming" thing) we talked about tailoring your RPG sessions and campaigns to your players and group's characters and answered some questions from the chat. For those of you that missed it, you can still check it out … Continue reading Tailoring your Games

Hunting for Players

Do you ever feel like this trying to find the right players for your tables? You're not alone... One of the very best things about the tabletop roleplaying community as a whole is its diversity.┬á With the advent of the internet and tools like Discord, Skype, Roll20, Foundry, and other gaming over IP software, it … Continue reading Hunting for Players

Taking Notes

Let's face it, that could totally be a Tabletop RPG sourcebook. You don't know... Prior to spending most of my time reading game material for reviews and such, I read a lot more fiction. One of my personal favorite authors (let's face it - there were many) was always Tom Clancy. In one of his … Continue reading Taking Notes