Cage Match: PC v. PC Conflict

"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" they used to yell at the playground... Anyone who knows us knows that Joann and I fall very firmly into the camp that tabletop roleplaying games are collaborative storytelling.  Much like the cooperative board games currently on the market (which we also love), the players are working together to both accomplish a … Continue reading Cage Match: PC v. PC Conflict

Adventure Creation

Adventure creation: It is simultaneously one of the greatest joys and the most stressful parts of being a Gamemaster.  It is wonderful in that, at least for us, it is a powerful expression of our creativity.  Personally, I am no artist.  My pottery is miraculous if it actually holds water and I screw up drawing … Continue reading Adventure Creation

Flipping the Switch – Adapting Foci and Abilities to Different Settings

In a previous post I talked about using flavors with types to make them fit your setting better. This time we’re going to talk about Foci and specific Abilities. Foci: There’s a lot of them. Some of them are even listed as genre-recommended in the Revised Cypher System Rulebook. This post is going to be … Continue reading Flipping the Switch – Adapting Foci and Abilities to Different Settings

Making Props for Game Immersion

Creating immersion can be as difficult as building a set for theatre... with as much work too. Previously, I talked about using props in games to create a deeper immersion. Today, I’m going to talk about creating some props you can use in those games. Most of what I will include will be tips and … Continue reading Making Props for Game Immersion

Making Leveling Up a Part of Your Narrative

"Why was I pushing this boulder up a mountain anyway?" - Sisyphus the Ant Over the course of the time I have been playing and running roleplaying games, I have spent time poring over countless rulebooks.  Most of these were laid out quite well.  Information was easy to find and tabulated in ways that were … Continue reading Making Leveling Up a Part of Your Narrative