A Look at Worldbuilding

Questions, always with the questions...  They’re what drives us forward as a species. Humanity lives for questions.  This time the question is: World Building.  How do you do it and where do you start?  To make it clear, this article is opinion based on our own experiences (Angel’s Citadel - Josh & I) and the … Continue reading A Look at Worldbuilding

Dangling the Carrot: Reward What You Want to See

I have been a part of “geek culture” for a very long time now.  I say that not to suggest authority in any way.  Far from it, in fact.  What it means, however, is that I remember a lot of the more turbulent times of this and other hobbies.  I lived through the times where … Continue reading Dangling the Carrot: Reward What You Want to See

Gaming with Learning Differences

I’ve seen the question on Twitter, and a couple of other places recently. "How do you GM while coping with ADHD or other learning differences?" Or, "How do you GM with players that have ADHD or other learning differences?" First, I’m going to state quite frankly, there is NO one true way. There are multiple … Continue reading Gaming with Learning Differences

Gaming, Table for One (or Two)

I still want my light purple dragon... Sometimes, juggling daily life and gaming reminds me of the quote from the Princess Bride, “Life is pain, princess. Anyone trying to tell you different is selling something”. Let’s be honest, he wasn’t wrong. He might not have been completely right, but he wasn’t wrong. Life is pain, … Continue reading Gaming, Table for One (or Two)

Power and Rule Zero

Taken from: https://nerdarchy.com/rule-zero-video-post/ Several months ago, I saw and participated in a discussion on Twitter that, at the time, really bothered me.  I knew at some point, I would end up writing about it here, but I wanted to give the ideas time to settle first so that when I did so, I did it … Continue reading Power and Rule Zero