Is there a place for “Rules Lawyers” in Cypher?

I’ve said several times before that I started roleplaying long before I found the Cypher System from Monte Cook Games.  Starting with Dungeons & Dragons and moving to Shadowrun (the two that come most quickly to mind), one of the things that you find is that you become a collector of books.  Now, most of … Continue reading Is there a place for “Rules Lawyers” in Cypher?

Review: Gods of the Fall

"Ray. When someone asks you if you're a god... you. say. YES!" Unless they're a Knight of Reconciliation, of course... It was years ago that I first ran into White Wolf’s Exalted.  Having never been much of a fan of their “horror” games (the exceptions being Mage and Hunter), I had, however picked up Æon … Continue reading Review: Gods of the Fall

Crafting Memorable Villains

Art by Christof Grobelski In a previous post I discussed how to make creatures and NPCs your own, narratively and mechanically. Now, I’m going to talk about making memorable villains (If your PCs are Murder-hobos this post probably won’t help much because then they are the villain… at least to the common NPC). Mechanically, adjusting … Continue reading Crafting Memorable Villains

Review: Liminal Shore

It's time, once again, to enter a bizarre new world, full of strange things to discover. Welcome... to the Liminal Shore. I remember when I first read Numenera.  The setting captured my imagination in a way nothing had since Dungeons & Dragons when I was a young boy.  The blend of the familiar and the … Continue reading Review: Liminal Shore

How to Create Party Cohesion and Group Immersion

Or... Investing in Your Players So That They Invest in the Story One of the biggest keys to understand playing a tabletop roleplaying game and specifically, the Cypher System, is the fact that it’s a collaboration between players and GM. In a previous post we discussed Character Arcs and how to use them to increase … Continue reading How to Create Party Cohesion and Group Immersion