Review: Secrets of Silent Streets

What Secrets will you find on the Silent Streets of Satyrene, vislae? I’ve been thinking a lot about Invisible Sun lately.  Partly because of the epicness that is the Hole in the World and my friend Zach Norton’s and his cast’s mad storytelling skills.  But mostly, because it is, without compare, the most interestingly vivid … Continue reading Review: Secrets of Silent Streets

Review: Ptolus – Monte Cook’s City by the Spire

Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire re-released and updated for Dungeons & Dragons 5E & Monte Cook Games' Cypher System Whether you agree or disagree, the longer you find yourself in this hobby, the more likely you are to run across things that are considered cultural icons.  Products that have influenced so many people … Continue reading Review: Ptolus – Monte Cook’s City by the Spire

Converting to the Cypher System

"Push the button..." Angel’s Citadel and Josh Walles wrote an article several months ago called ‘Adapt don’t Convert’. It was a discussion on how instead of trying to convert your favorite game to the Cypher System you should instead Adapt to the Cypher System. For this article, however, I'm going to try and present the … Continue reading Converting to the Cypher System

Review: No Thank You, Evil!

On another post, I talked about gaming for and with children. This post is a review for a book that’s specifically geared towards those children and that we mentioned in that post. No Thank You, Evil! is produced by Monte Cook Games and was written by Shanna Germain and Monte Cook. The game was originally … Continue reading Review: No Thank You, Evil!

First Look: The Darkest House

"Welcome to the Darkest House. It is your house now. It is your home forever." So, it’s been everywhere, a lot of buildup and teasers for a strange house. It’s almost like this house is invading our world somehow… Well, yesterday, Monte Cook Games came clean and announced their new product, the Darkest House, with … Continue reading First Look: The Darkest House