Gaming, Table for One (or Two)

I still want my light purple dragon... Sometimes, juggling daily life and gaming reminds me of the quote from the Princess Bride, “Life is pain, princess. Anyone trying to tell you different is selling something”. Let’s be honest, he wasn’t wrong. He might not have been completely right, but he wasn’t wrong. Life is pain, … Continue reading Gaming, Table for One (or Two)

Gaming Gatekeeping and “Ableism”

Black Knight Security: The finest unnecessary gatekeeping this side of Camelot. No coconuts necessary... If you’re reading this, role playing games are for you! Here at Angel's Citadel, we try pretty hard to remain (mostly) about the games. We want to make sure that the stories we all like to tell take center stage in … Continue reading Gaming Gatekeeping and “Ableism”

Consent in Gaming: Roleplaying Safety Tools

I’ve seen a lot of arguments and discussion on the Discords I belong to, my Twitter feed, and of course Reddit about Consent in Gaming. I’ve even heard the words "special snowflake", and boy didn’t that bring back memories. So, first I’m going to take away the special snowflake comment. Yes, I am a special … Continue reading Consent in Gaming: Roleplaying Safety Tools

The GM-Player Team

Plotting and planning together is often more productive than doing so alone... We at Angel’s Citadel spend a lot of time focusing on, talking, and writing about collaborative storytelling and roleplaying games.  I suppose you could say it’s our “jam”.  Both Joann and I love the feeling when a story unfolds spontaneously and there’s a … Continue reading The GM-Player Team

Why Player Intrusions?

Coming from a background of other roleplaying games as Joann and I do, I remember how long it took us to wrap our minds around the idea of the GM intrusion.  From our earliest times of looking and Numenera through the original print of the Cypher System Rulebook, GM Intrusions were confusing initially.  We had … Continue reading Why Player Intrusions?