Review: Mal’Vandal’s Mythic Vade Mecum

One of the things that I did not realize that I would enjoy as much as I do when we started Angel’s Citadel is the opportunity to read and review RPG products.  While many of these are products that we ourselves purchase (partly because we want to play them, and partly because we want to … Continue reading Review: Mal’Vandal’s Mythic Vade Mecum

Flipping the Switch – Adapting Foci and Abilities to Different Settings

In a previous post I talked about using flavors with types to make them fit your setting better. This time we’re going to talk about Foci and specific Abilities. Foci: There’s a lot of them. Some of them are even listed as genre-recommended in the Revised Cypher System Rulebook. This post is going to be … Continue reading Flipping the Switch – Adapting Foci and Abilities to Different Settings

Review: Unmasked

Most people who know me would admit that superheroes typically aren’t my "jam". While I have spent a decent amount of time reading comic books, and am familiar with many of the common comic-book superheroes and their stories (including alternate histories/timelines etc...), it was never a "passion" of mine. However, I wanted to give writing … Continue reading Review: Unmasked

Making Leveling Up a Part of Your Narrative

"Why was I pushing this boulder up a mountain anyway?" - Sisyphus the Ant Over the course of the time I have been playing and running roleplaying games, I have spent time poring over countless rulebooks.  Most of these were laid out quite well.  Information was easy to find and tabulated in ways that were … Continue reading Making Leveling Up a Part of Your Narrative

Review: Predation

I'm not sure that Shanna Germain can get any more aweso.... Wait... Dinosaurs, a major part of humanity's life since the announcement in 1842. From books, TV Shows, and Video Games to Movies, they inundated the world with roars, squeaks and images of what we believed their life was like. Then the year 2017 hit … Continue reading Review: Predation