About Us

Angel’s Citadel is a husband and wife duo who are passionate about telling stories through the mediums of fiction and Role-Playing Games.

Joann and Josh Walles

Corsana and Count Zero
Bloggers and Role-Players

Married in 2020 after 8 years of knowing each other online and in-person, mostly over Role-Playing games, Joann and Josh spend most evenings working together to let out the vast creative energies they spark in each other on paper and in games.

You can find us on the Angel’s Citadel Discord, the Cypher Unlimited Discord, on the Angel’s Citadel Facebook or MeWe pages, or on our YouTube channel.

Sunnybuddy the Dog

Resident Labradoodle Spaz-a-tron and Floofmaster

Email me: YouThinkIGetAComputer?@gmail.com

Other Blog Contributors

Dean M. Lewis

AlphaDean, A.D., or just… Dean
Blogger, Podcaster, and Role-Player

I’m an aspiring writer, creative, lover of RPGs, uber geek, and proud bearer of a nerd badge. I’ve been exploring the outer reaches of imagination for well over 40 years now, but I’m truly loving life these days. I met my best friend just under 6 years ago now. We’ve been married going three years. I didn’t know I was incomplete until she came into my life. She is truly my muse. Inspiring, encouraging, exhilarating, inspiriting and exalting are just some of the words to describe my Ell. So if anyone finds what I have to say useful or helpful in anyway, thank the pretty lady next to me in the picture.

You can find me on the Cypher Unlimited Discord (I’m one of the founders)

Or on Twitter: @AlphaDean

Chris Harris

Role-Player and amazing guy who exists

Part of the Cypher Unlimited hive mind, and a moderator there and on the Angel’s Citadel discord. I’m an aspiring GM, and while I try to not have my own ideas (great things happen, ask Josh and Joann), I love to help other people execute theirs. I’m relatively new to the hobby, having explored mainly the Cypher System and Invisible Sun for the year I’ve been playing, but I try to join every game I can.

You can find me on the Cypher Unlimited Discord. My handle’s synth.