Review: Mal’Vandal’s Mythic Vade Mecum

One of the things that I did not realize that I would enjoy as much as I do when we started Angel’s Citadel is the opportunity to read and review RPG products.  While many of these are products that we ourselves purchase (partly because we want to play them, and partly because we want to … Continue reading Review: Mal’Vandal’s Mythic Vade Mecum

Review: Blades in the Dark

Powered by the Apocalypse, written by John Harper of One Seven Design, and produced by Evil Hat Productions (the people who brought us FATE and its variants), Blades in the Dark is a grim, semi-historical, fantasy RPG. The sentence that caught my eye while reading the setting blurb was: ‘You are in a haunted Victorian-era … Continue reading Review: Blades in the Dark

Review: Low Fantasy Gaming – Deluxe Edition

Here at Angel’s Citadel, we have always stated that we focus on the Cypher System and other tabletop role-playing games.  The bulk of that focus, however, has so far been on the Cypher System and Cypher-adjacent games (like Numenera and Invisible Sun).  A lot of that has to do with the fact that those types … Continue reading Review: Low Fantasy Gaming – Deluxe Edition

Review: Jade Colossus – Ruins of the Prior Worlds

Most of the time, a given rules system has that “must have” supplement.  The one that makes your life so much easier as a GM.  Sometimes it’s released by the main company, sometimes it’s a third-party.  I’ve known several.  For Dungeons & Dragons 3.XE it was AEG’s Ultimate Toolbox.  For Shadowrun 4E it was Runner’s … Continue reading Review: Jade Colossus – Ruins of the Prior Worlds

Bonus Post: Playtesting Session

Just a quick note today. Angel's Citadel got together with John Polack of Mr. Mean Speaks (Check him out on YouTube and Discord - he's a great guy) and some of the Meanie Army and had a playtest session of LowLife 2090. Angel's Citadel backed the Kickstarter a couple of months ago. Written by Steven … Continue reading Bonus Post: Playtesting Session