Review: Claim the Sky

No, Josh. For the last time... it's not "Clam the Sky". There are NO clams in, nor were any harmed in the making of this book... Comics. The glossy color pages, devoured in secret because "Girls can’t like comics". Hidden gems of beauty and brief snapshots into the lives of those that were "more". From … Continue reading Review: Claim the Sky

Review: City of Mist

City of Mist Player's Guide City of Mist MC's Toolkit Angel’s Citadel purchases a lot of games.  A lot.  We’ve discussed elsewhere how we acquire these games and why, so I’m not going to cover that here.  What I will say, is that often, in these new games, there is a section on things that … Continue reading Review: City of Mist

Review: Better Angels

Better Angels is a Supervillian Roleplaying Game by Greg Stolze and produced by Arc Dream Publishing So first, let’s be honest. The whole ‘Supers’ genre isn’t typically ‘my bag, baby.’ However, when I saw it, I couldn’t resist. It was the cover that caught my attention: Bright, shining, and fire… lots and lots of fire. … Continue reading Review: Better Angels

Review: Unmasked

Most people who know me would admit that superheroes typically aren’t my "jam". While I have spent a decent amount of time reading comic books, and am familiar with many of the common comic-book superheroes and their stories (including alternate histories/timelines etc...), it was never a "passion" of mine. However, I wanted to give writing … Continue reading Review: Unmasked

Cafe Eclectic (Part 3)

Man With a Badge Friday, just after noon the back door opened, steadily the delivery trucker trooped in with a hand truck filled with items needed for the store. After an hour of cross checking, he trundled out and drove away. Arianna floated around the crates, examining the contents and neatly putting things away when … Continue reading Cafe Eclectic (Part 3)