Review: Gods of the Fall

"Ray. When someone asks you if you're a god... you. say. YES!" Unless they're a Knight of Reconciliation, of course... It was years ago that I first ran into White Wolf’s Exalted.  Having never been much of a fan of their “horror” games (the exceptions being Mage and Hunter), I had, however picked up Æon … Continue reading Review: Gods of the Fall

Review: Mortal Fantasy

Mortal Fantasy is by Christopher Robin Negelein of Ganza Gaming One of the great things that Monte Cook Games has done is to make it possible for their most loyal, and some would say their craziest, fans to produce content under license and sell it.  Patterned after systems like DM’s Guild, the Cypher Creator System … Continue reading Review: Mortal Fantasy

Original Content: Timberchurch

In brainstorming things that we could do to help Cypher System GMs out there, the idea occurred to us that one of the things that a Cypher GM has to manage is putting together set-pieces for their players to explore. We've started putting out NPCs to help, and there are both more NPCs and other … Continue reading Original Content: Timberchurch

Genre: Fantasy

The Fantasy Genre starts on page 252 of the Cypher System Rulebook (Red Cover, Copyright 2019 Monte Cook Games). Supplements to this system include Gods of the Fall by Bruce Cordell. Shotguns and Sorcery by Matt Forbeck from Full Moon Enterprises.  Mortal Fantasy by Christopher Robin Negelien from Ganza Gaming. Supplements coming soon from Monte … Continue reading Genre: Fantasy