Review: Red Rook Revolt

Red Rook Revolt, a TTRPG by Magnus Hansen As has been our way, whenever a publisher comes to us and asks us to review a product, assuming it’s in our wheelhouse, we do it.  This week, we have another opportunity to do so.  We were approached by Magnus Hansen to take a look and do … Continue reading Review: Red Rook Revolt

Review: Aether

Aether: Heroic Fantasy RPG, by Eric Dziver of Eldritch Crow Gaming Those of you familiar with our reviews this past year have found that we have spread our wings a bit as a result of way too many Kickstarters and started a study of the design philosophies of other games.  We continue that today with … Continue reading Review: Aether

Review: Everway Silver Anniversary Edition

Everway Silver Anniversary Edition - Book 1 - Players Everway Silver Anniversary Edition - Book 2 - Gamemasters One of the things that we’ve spent a lot of time on at Angel’s Citadel since we’ve started writing blog posts and reviews is trying to find, understand, review, and sometimes incorporate various roleplaying mechanics into our … Continue reading Review: Everway Silver Anniversary Edition

Review: Ironsworn and Ironsworn: Delve

We have talked some about fantasy roleplaying games here on Angel’s Citadel in the past.  Some of them are whole games such as Worlds Without Number or Low Fantasy Gaming, and others are supplements to other games such as Godforsaken or Ptolus.  But one thing is for sure, fantasy is in our blood.  At least … Continue reading Review: Ironsworn and Ironsworn: Delve

Review: Low Fantasy Gaming Class Toolkit Compendium

Those of us that have purchased third party material for any length of time know that the products that fall in this category are hit-or-miss.  This has absolutely nothing to do with intent.  In fact, most of the people that I’ve talked to in the “miss” group are great people that I’d happily sit down … Continue reading Review: Low Fantasy Gaming Class Toolkit Compendium