Cafe Eclectic (Part 2)

There Goes the Neighborhood A tall man bounced gleefully into the room and scooped Seline up, swinging her around with a gleeful cackle. "Kitten missed me," he chortled in glee, completely ignoring the disgruntled hiss. He paused, his head tilted slightly as one of the crystals bounced the light off the red Lycra. "Aww, Logan's … Continue reading Cafe Eclectic (Part 2)

Cafe Eclectic (Part 1)

Night at the Cafe The sun set slowly, cascades of yellow and orange fading into purple and deep blue. The smell of fresh coffee and various baked goods filled the small shop. Her evening ritual began, and she puttered through the small cafe adjusting the napkin holders on the small Formica tables situated with overstuffed … Continue reading Cafe Eclectic (Part 1)