Player-Involved World Development

What do you mean by world input, Joann? Well, this article is about involving players in world development along side the GM’s thoughts and any of the work they do. Most of the time, this portion of world development is done on the fly rather than with forward planning (except perhaps with any done in … Continue reading Player-Involved World Development

Review: Hard-Wired Island

Hardwired Island: Retrofuture Cyberpunk, by Paul Matijevic, Freyja Erlingsdóttir, and Minerva McJanda from Weird Aged Games We're back again for a review and talking Cyberpunk. It's one of our favorite subjects here at Angel's Citadel, and we're looking at a new product this week from a publisher that's new to us: Weird Age Games. The … Continue reading Review: Hard-Wired Island

Converting to the Cypher System

"Push the button..." Angel’s Citadel and Josh Walles wrote an article several months ago called ‘Adapt don’t Convert’. It was a discussion on how instead of trying to convert your favorite game to the Cypher System you should instead Adapt to the Cypher System. For this article, however, I'm going to try and present the … Continue reading Converting to the Cypher System

A Look at Worldbuilding

Questions, always with the questions...  They’re what drives us forward as a species. Humanity lives for questions.  This time the question is: World Building.  How do you do it and where do you start?  To make it clear, this article is opinion based on our own experiences (Angel’s Citadel - Josh & I) and the … Continue reading A Look at Worldbuilding

Review: Band of Blades

Do you get bored playing the same characters over and over and like to use different tactics? Are you tired of the same old refrain? Do you love dark, gritty and horror? Do you have a taste for both military and individual combat? Allow me to introduce you to a Forged in the Dark book … Continue reading Review: Band of Blades