Gaming, Lego-Style

Or, you could play SimCity and not have to clean all of these up for dinner... Legos: blocks of creativity and play. Most of us built with them as children, in classrooms, at home. Sets are built now to target adults, or older children, from Star Wars to NASA Rockets.  They’re both the brightly colored … Continue reading Gaming, Lego-Style

Review: Invisible Sun – The Gate

Today, we continue our review of the books in the Invisible Sun Black Cube with The Gate. The second book in the series of recommended reading given on the instruction sheet, it contains both player information in the first two chapters and then GM information in the rest of the book. Unlike The Key, this … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – The Gate

Review: Invisible Sun – The Key

With magic, a Vislae can be literally anything they can imagine. What will you be? Last week, we began our review of the Invisible Sun product line with an unboxing of the Black Cube, showing you what was physically in this imposing piece of gaming hardware. This week, we're going to start into the actual … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – The Key

Cafe Eclectic (Part 3)

Man With a Badge Friday, just after noon the back door opened, steadily the delivery trucker trooped in with a hand truck filled with items needed for the store. After an hour of cross checking, he trundled out and drove away. Arianna floated around the crates, examining the contents and neatly putting things away when … Continue reading Cafe Eclectic (Part 3)

Review: Invisible Sun – Black Cube

Welcome to the Acutality, Vislae. Shake off the Shadow and bathe once again in the light of the Invisible Sun. Like we did when we first encountered the product known as the Black Cube, you may be wondering what nature of game is Invisible Sun exactly.  To quote Monte Cook Games (found on the product … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – Black Cube