Consent in Gaming: Roleplaying Safety Tools

I’ve seen a lot of arguments and discussion on the Discords I belong to, my Twitter feed, and of course Reddit about Consent in Gaming. I’ve even heard the words "special snowflake", and boy didn’t that bring back memories. So, first I’m going to take away the special snowflake comment. Yes, I am a special … Continue reading Consent in Gaming: Roleplaying Safety Tools

Fjook Enterprises Interviews

One of the great things that we get to do since we've formed Angel's Citadel is to get to meet some neat people in various social circles. Many of these people have become friends of ours. A while ago, Fjook, from Fjook Enterprises interviewed both of us talking about our experiences in roleplaying as GMs … Continue reading Fjook Enterprises Interviews

Trophy Wife – Chapter 6: Final Trophy

A week's travel from town, Sharn ghosted through the trees following the young red Dragon back to its lair. The aged bear scat told her whose home this used to be. She crept closer, watching and waiting for another day before she made her move. Sharn threw the small bag hard into the cave, an … Continue reading Trophy Wife – Chapter 6: Final Trophy

Running Games for Kids

So, a conversation came up on the Cypher Unlimited Discord server that I’m a big part of as a moderator.  The subject was running games for children. I tried to give the guy some helpful advice and I hope it was helpful. Then I realized, other people might be able to use some of this … Continue reading Running Games for Kids

Review: Stranded

Stranded, a Science Fiction Roleplaying Game by J. Lasarde of Feral Gamers Inc. Stranded was recently released on DriveThruRPG and we picked up a copy to review.  Plus, you know, space.  We like space.  First up, the technical details. This was produced by J. Lasarde of Feral Gamers Inc.  They have a whole bunch of … Continue reading Review: Stranded