Another Break – Family

Taking another break this week. We have the opportunity to have family come up and visit so we're going to cherish and are going to spend time with them. We'll see you back here bright and early next Monday. In the meantime, feel free to go and check out one of our other 119 (what … Continue reading Another Break – Family

Review: Coriolis

Continuing with our efforts to branch out to systems that are new to us, today we’re taking a look at Coriolis, a science fiction game based on the Year Zero engine first used in Mutant: Year Zero.  Coriolis is released by Free League Publishing. We only have a Coriolis in PDF format so that’s what … Continue reading Review: Coriolis

Game Publishing: Licenses

As the title says, for this article we're going to start talking about the big one, the amazing one, the dangerous thing called… publishing. Most people I follow and a number of TTRPG gamers talk about being a publisher. Having their name as a headliner on a book that they wrote, or in some cases … Continue reading Game Publishing: Licenses

Review: Ptolus – Monte Cook’s City by the Spire

Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire re-released and updated for Dungeons & Dragons 5E & Monte Cook Games' Cypher System Whether you agree or disagree, the longer you find yourself in this hobby, the more likely you are to run across things that are considered cultural icons.  Products that have influenced so many people … Continue reading Review: Ptolus – Monte Cook’s City by the Spire

Converting to the Cypher System

"Push the button..." Angel’s Citadel and Josh Walles wrote an article several months ago called ‘Adapt don’t Convert’. It was a discussion on how instead of trying to convert your favorite game to the Cypher System you should instead Adapt to the Cypher System. For this article, however, I'm going to try and present the … Continue reading Converting to the Cypher System