Review: Claim the Sky

No, Josh. For the last time... it's not "Clam the Sky". There are NO clams in, nor were any harmed in the making of this book... Comics. The glossy color pages, devoured in secret because "Girls can’t like comics". Hidden gems of beauty and brief snapshots into the lives of those that were "more". From … Continue reading Review: Claim the Sky

Fireside Chat – 10/17/21

This week in Angel's Citadel's Lounge, our fireside chat hosted a special guest. Zach (known around the internet as greatzamino) from ManaPot Studios joined us in a discussion about what makes a good villain. We had a blast chatting about this as the conversation wandered from tabletop roleplaying games to fiction, both in print and … Continue reading Fireside Chat – 10/17/21

When Life Points a Lemon Gatling Gun at you…

This is one of those posts that it absolutely tears me up to write. I hate feeling like there are people that I'm letting down. It's necessary, however, so here goes. Angel's Citadel is going to take another hiatus. Things are absolutely crazy at the Citadel at the moment. Josh is busy looking for work … Continue reading When Life Points a Lemon Gatling Gun at you…

Running a Sandbox Game

Sandcastle, dump truck, shovel, or little green Army men? Or something different? In part, this post is an expansion or clarification of two previous posts.  The first one was Joann’s comments on Writing a Campaign where she alluded to how I think about doing so.  The second was my post two weeks ago on Taking … Continue reading Running a Sandbox Game

Fjook Enterprises Interview

Joann and I sat down with Fjook of Fjook Enterprises to discuss the Cypher System in more detail and answer some of his questions about the system and what we enjoy about it. We talked about some of the differences between the Cypher System from Monte Cook Games and some of the other games we've … Continue reading Fjook Enterprises Interview