Bonus Post: Locations in the Actuality

The Actuality, the world of Invisible Sun, is a wonderous place full of weird people, strange locations, and bizarre events. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to know where to start thinking about making the Actuality your own. I thought, today, I would share three of the locations that either Joann or I came up … Continue reading Bonus Post: Locations in the Actuality

Review: Teratology

Here we see Taramoc Eslin teaching in a lecture setting... For this review, we will be continuing our look at the supplemental Invisible Sun books from the original Invisible Sun Kickstarter.  We have touched on Secrets of Silent Streets and Book M already.  Most systems, however, have some form of bestiary.  Something with monsters and … Continue reading Review: Teratology

Review: Book M

I’ve always kind of been a sucker for mechanics in a game that are tied to a story in such a way that the world feels more enriched.  This list includes things like Forgotten Realms’ Mythals, powerful elven rituals affecting people, geography, climate, and other things.  It includes Shadowrun’s Great Ghost Dance that saved the … Continue reading Review: Book M

Review: Secrets of Silent Streets

What Secrets will you find on the Silent Streets of Satyrine, vislae? I’ve been thinking a lot about Invisible Sun lately.  Partly because of the epicness that is the Hole in the World and my friend Zach Norton’s and his cast’s mad storytelling skills.  But mostly, because it is, without compare, the most interestingly vivid … Continue reading Review: Secrets of Silent Streets

Review: Invisible Sun – The Path

The Streets of Satyrine are home to many bizarre and interesting sights Part setting book, part treatise on some of the weirder ideas covered by Invisible Sun, The Path is our fourth and final book in the Black Cube.  Full of fantastical ideas for any Invisible Sun game, The Path attempts to describe a surreal … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – The Path