Review: Invisible Sun – The Path

The Streets of Satyrine are home to many bizarre and interesting sights Part setting book, part treatise on some of the weirder ideas covered by Invisible Sun, The Path is our fourth and final book in the Black Cube.  Full of fantastical ideas for any Invisible Sun game, The Path attempts to describe a surreal … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – The Path

Review: Invisible Sun – The Way

Continuing on our tour of the contents of the Invisible Sun Black Cube, our next stop is The Way.  Easily the densest of the four core rulebooks, The Way deals with the many forms of magic found in the Invisible Sun game.  In my mind, it is simultaneously the most exciting and frustrating rulebook I … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – The Way

Review: Invisible Sun – The Gate

Today, we continue our review of the books in the Invisible Sun Black Cube with The Gate. The second book in the series of recommended reading given on the instruction sheet, it contains both player information in the first two chapters and then GM information in the rest of the book. Unlike The Key, this … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – The Gate

Review: Invisible Sun – The Key

With magic, a Vislae can be literally anything they can imagine. What will you be? Last week, we began our review of the Invisible Sun product line with an unboxing of the Black Cube, showing you what was physically in this imposing piece of gaming hardware. This week, we're going to start into the actual … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – The Key

Review: Invisible Sun – Black Cube

Welcome to the Acutality, Vislae. Shake off the Shadow and bathe once again in the light of the Invisible Sun. Like we did when we first encountered the product known as the Black Cube, you may be wondering what nature of game is Invisible Sun exactly.  To quote Monte Cook Games (found on the product … Continue reading Review: Invisible Sun – Black Cube