Pinging on radar from our hiatus…

Friends, Angel’s Citadel supporters, lend me your ears…

OK… stop throwing ears at me. You know what I meant.

Angel’s Citadel is gearing up to begin streaming to Twitch! You will be able to find us at:

We will be streaming some live discussions about gaming, reviews, and other topics on a regular basis.


We will also begin hosting games on our channel! The very first game we will be hosting is Invisible Sun.

System: Invisible Sun by Monte Cook Games

Title: The Soul’s Direction

Tagline: “What is the purpose of a soul? What is the meaning of the Actuality? Does it have a purpose or is it simply a happy accident? From innocent beginnings, four Vislae will discover the powerful truth about the worlds under the Suns, the War, and the true direction of their own souls.”

Stream Time: Every other Sunday from 3 PM – 6 PM Eastern Time starting September 19, 2021

Come join us and find out the Soul’s true Direction.

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