Fireside Chat – 10/3/21 On yesterday's lounge we began by talking about a 'zine that both Joann and I really liked that was written by some friends of ours, Sean and Navi Drake (A Couple of Drakes). You can find that product, The Widow of Roses, on here for $5. As I mentioned on the stream: Totally … Continue reading Fireside Chat – 10/3/21

But wait… there’s MORE?!?!

Angel's Citadel has been doing our thing now for over a year. There's been a lot of blog posts. Advice, reviews, some content... But we've wanted to release a lot more. If you like what we do, consider becoming a patron. There are three tiers available for you to choose from with increasing rewards for … Continue reading But wait… there’s MORE?!?!

Bonus Post: Locations in the Actuality

The Actuality, the world of Invisible Sun, is a wonderous place full of weird people, strange locations, and bizarre events. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to know where to start thinking about making the Actuality your own. I thought, today, I would share three of the locations that either Joann or I came up … Continue reading Bonus Post: Locations in the Actuality

Game Publishing: Licenses

As the title says, for this article we're going to start talking about the big one, the amazing one, the dangerous thing called… publishing. Most people I follow and a number of TTRPG gamers talk about being a publisher. Having their name as a headliner on a book that they wrote, or in some cases … Continue reading Game Publishing: Licenses

Adventure: The Faralon Score

Here at Angel's Citadel, we always want to provide you with quality content to help you and your gaming groups. As we thought about what we could provide, it occurred to us that we could offer a completely free adventure on our site that you could drop into your Cypher System science fiction campaign with … Continue reading Adventure: The Faralon Score