Fireside Chat – 10/3/21

On yesterday’s lounge we began by talking about a ‘zine that both Joann and I really liked that was written by some friends of ours, Sean and Navi Drake (A Couple of Drakes). You can find that product, The Widow of Roses, on here for $5. As I mentioned on the stream: Totally worth it. For their larger cannon, have a look here. With regard to their Kickstarter, you can take a look at what’s coming on the campaign page and even pre-order from there.

For the second portion of the show, we chatted about the concept of Min-Maxing characters and why people do it. We discussed a little about how it happens in specific systems and why doing it in other systems is “less useful”. We also briefly discussed some of the reasons that we typically don’t do that ourselves with some personal examples. It was great seeing some of our friends jump into chat to talk with us and participate in the discussion. We’d love to have even more. Eventually, we’d love to get to the point where we don’t need to bring a topic for discussion, we simply answer your questions about your roleplaying experiences and your games. Ultimately, that’s what we’ve always strived for at Angel’s Citadel: to be a resource to you, the player, to help you take your games to the next level, wherever that means for you.

We’ve got quite a bit going on, here at the Citadel. Reviews are still going out every Friday. Friday night is also a night that Joann and I are going to relax and play a co-op game together on stream. At the moment, we’re working on playing our way through Halo: the Master Chief Collection, but it will turn to others as well. Every other Sunday, I am running a Live Play of Invisible Sun by Monte Cook Games opposite another fantastic stream by Mana Pot Studios called A Hole in the World, so every Sunday is #InvisibleSunday. And then every Sunday evening at 8PM Eastern, we are back in the lounge, relaxing on a comfy couch with you, chatting about tabletop roleplaying games. It’s a wonderful life, and we’re grateful and happy to share it with you. Happy gaming!

  • Josh Walles

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