Review: ARC

One of the things that we’ve noticed as we’ve spent time this year backing and reviewing various tabletop roleplaying products, both those supplemental to larger roleplaying games that we have or are familiar with, and those that are truly independent is the staggering variety of approaches in thought.  Yes, there are a few that seem … Continue reading Review: ARC

Fireside Chat – 10/17/21

This week in Angel's Citadel's Lounge, our fireside chat hosted a special guest. Zach (known around the internet as greatzamino) from ManaPot Studios joined us in a discussion about what makes a good villain. We had a blast chatting about this as the conversation wandered from tabletop roleplaying games to fiction, both in print and … Continue reading Fireside Chat – 10/17/21

Wait… What day is it again?

ARC, a roleplaying game by Bianca Canoza and Exalted Funeral You know how things always seem to start out with the best intentions and then life comes along and says, "Nope. Not today, sucka!"? Well, that's what happened this week. I've got the review about half done and life came along and dumped a bunch … Continue reading Wait… What day is it again?

Fireside Chat – 10/10/21 In the Citadel Lounge yesterday, we spent time talking about mature themes in games, consent in gaming, and the kinds of groups needed to explore those themes. We had a great chat with our buddy Fjook who showed up to watch and answered some of his questions. We'd love to see more of you … Continue reading Fireside Chat – 10/10/21

Review: The Gaia Complex

The Gaia Complex - A Game of Flesh and Wires, by Chris Shepperson and Hansor Publishing Joann and I have made no secret that we both really dig on Cyberpunk roleplaying games.  Earlier this year, we went and supported a rash of Kickstarters and one of these was a title that we supported for no … Continue reading Review: The Gaia Complex