Review: End Times (ORC Edition)

End Times (ORC Edition) by Brian St. Claire-King of Varja Enterprises For today’s review, we’re going to bring you another new (to us) publisher.  We discovered this product trolling Kickstarter, something that seems to be becoming a habit for us, and looking for games that sounded both different from what we had and like something … Continue reading Review: End Times (ORC Edition)

Review: Vertices

In October of last year, the books for Monte Cook Games’ Liminal Shores Kickstarter started fulfilling with the first book, Voices of the Datasphere.  Vertices continues the tally of material from this Kickstarter with additional material ready to drop into your Numenera game whether you use the concept of the Datasphere or simply wish for … Continue reading Review: Vertices

Bonus Post: Locations in the Actuality

The Actuality, the world of Invisible Sun, is a wonderous place full of weird people, strange locations, and bizarre events. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to know where to start thinking about making the Actuality your own. I thought, today, I would share three of the locations that either Joann or I came up … Continue reading Bonus Post: Locations in the Actuality

Fjook Enterprises Interview

Joann and I sat down with Fjook of Fjook Enterprises to discuss the Cypher System in more detail and answer some of his questions about the system and what we enjoy about it. We talked about some of the differences between the Cypher System from Monte Cook Games and some of the other games we've … Continue reading Fjook Enterprises Interview

Review: LowLife 2090

LowLife 2090, a game of Cyberpunk and Sorcery by Steven Grodzicki of Pickpocket Press One of the first Kickstarters we backed, we did, to be honest, out of spite.  We have mentioned before that both Joann and I come from a heavy background of Cyberpunk and particularly Shadowrun.  She and I both really love the … Continue reading Review: LowLife 2090