Review: Worlds Without Number

2020 was a very important year for Angel’s Citadel.  Aside from being our first year in existence and releasing the first product for our Hope’s Horizon line, it also was where we set the tone for how we were going to operate.  While we did, in fact, start with reviews of Monte Cook Games products, … Continue reading Review: Worlds Without Number

Mental Health Break

So, there will be no review today, and no article or review next week as we are taking some time away from the computer and gaming to get some physical work done. We will resume our regularly scheduled posting on May 7th with a review of Worlds without Number. We love you guys but need … Continue reading Mental Health Break

Dangling the Carrot: Reward What You Want to See

I have been a part of “geek culture” for a very long time now.  I say that not to suggest authority in any way.  Far from it, in fact.  What it means, however, is that I remember a lot of the more turbulent times of this and other hobbies.  I lived through the times where … Continue reading Dangling the Carrot: Reward What You Want to See

Review: Interface Zero 2.0 (FATE Edition)

Interface Zero 2.0, FATE Edition by Gun Metal Games For those of you who have gotten to know us over the time that we have been active in the tabletop roleplaying space, you’ve probably figured out that both Joann and I really enjoy cyberpunk games.  A REALLY lot.  It was, quite literally, how we originally … Continue reading Review: Interface Zero 2.0 (FATE Edition)

Review: Liminal

Liminal, a Role-Playing game by Paul Mitchener, distributed by Modiphius I was always a fan of the X-Files.  Well, at least about the first four seasons.  I had fun watching Mulder and Scully peel back layers and discover truth beneath the veneer of the ordinary.  The idea of “looking deeper” always seemed to resonate with … Continue reading Review: Liminal