Angel’s Citadel Plays Low Fantasy Gaming (Part 3)

Last night, Joann and I had another opportunity to sit down with Jason Hobbs of Hobbs and Friends and John Polack of Mr. Mean Speaks to play some more Low Fantasy Gaming by Steve Grodzicki of Pickpocket Press. Once again, we were joined by another one of the Meanie Army: Nasser "Superbeast". Those of you … Continue reading Angel’s Citadel Plays Low Fantasy Gaming (Part 3)

Review: Arium – Create & Discover

A two-part system presented in zine format by Adept Icarus and funded by Kickstarter in 2020 Back in 2020, we backed a plethora of Kickstarters.  Let me just say that 2021 is going to be a very good roleplaying year for us.  One of them that we backed was a system touted as a collaborative … Continue reading Review: Arium – Create & Discover

Does the Cypher System Need Cyphers?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.”Romeo & Juliet, Act 2, Scene 2 Joann and I were part of a conversation a little while ago where someone we know on our Discord Server was asking about Cyphers in the Cypher System and if you … Continue reading Does the Cypher System Need Cyphers?

Review: Low Fantasy Gaming Companion

Low Fantasy Gaming Companion by Stephen Grodzicki of Pickpocket Press, available on DriveThruRPG One of the things that I’ve discovered about myself over the years is that while I don’t necessarily use them very often, I really enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes from having a toolbox full of “tools” that I … Continue reading Review: Low Fantasy Gaming Companion

Don’t Hide Your Plot Behind the Dice

This is a topic that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently as I have started going back to multi-system playing in an effort to expand my knowledge about other game mechanics and different game and setting styles.  Many of the games I have come to enjoy are primarily conversations between the GM and the … Continue reading Don’t Hide Your Plot Behind the Dice