Review: Defiant

Defiant, a tabletop roleplaying game by Game Machinery In the past, I have talked some about my discovery of Numenera.  How with the first reading, I didn’t really understand what I held in my hands.  It was only with time and play and immersing myself in both the design thought process (for the mechanics) and … Continue reading Review: Defiant

Review: Red Rook Revolt

Red Rook Revolt, a TTRPG by Magnus Hansen As has been our way, whenever a publisher comes to us and asks us to review a product, assuming it’s in our wheelhouse, we do it.  This week, we have another opportunity to do so.  We were approached by Magnus Hansen to take a look and do … Continue reading Review: Red Rook Revolt

Review: Priests of the Aeons

Priests of the Aeons, a Numenera Setting Supplement by Sean K. Reyolds There are just some properties that I can’t stay away from.  For whatever reason, they keep me coming back.  Sometimes eagerly, sometimes it’s by simple circumstance.  Dungeons & Dragons seems to be in the latter category for me.  But Numenera, I place in … Continue reading Review: Priests of the Aeons

New Gamemaster Month

Both Joann and I are active advocates of gaming. We want you, our audience, playing games. We want you running games. We want to help you to do both better. This is the perfect time of year to discuss this, particularly the part about running games. We know there are many of you who haven't … Continue reading New Gamemaster Month


Those of you that have been following us on social media know, things are pretty crazy over at Citadel Walles. Between job hunting and preparing for school and loads of people living in the house and visitors coming for Christmas, both the Angel and I are feeling a bit... frazzled. I had every intention of … Continue reading Hiatus