Review: End Times (ORC Edition)

End Times (ORC Edition) by Brian St. Claire-King of Varja Enterprises For today’s review, we’re going to bring you another new (to us) publisher.  We discovered this product trolling Kickstarter, something that seems to be becoming a habit for us, and looking for games that sounded both different from what we had and like something … Continue reading Review: End Times (ORC Edition)

Genre: Historical, Modern and Post Apocalyptic

The Cypher System makes game prep look as easy as... this guy does rappelling down a skyscraper. The section on running Historical games begins in the Revised Cypher System Rulebook on page 307, the one on Modern games begins on page 261, and the one on Post-Apocalyptic games on page 295. The reason these three … Continue reading Genre: Historical, Modern and Post Apocalyptic