Review: Honey and Hot Wax

Honey & Hot Wax: An Anthology of Erotic Art Games Unlike other posts, I’m including a warning on this one. This book is a LARP book that involves, sex and consent. If those topics make you uncomfortable, move along and catch the next RPG review. Otherwise, stick with me as I open a new avenue … Continue reading Review: Honey and Hot Wax

Review: Night’s Black Agents

Once again, we’re going to branch out here at Angel’s Citadel and wander down what is, to us, an untrod path of discovery.  This time, we’re going to look at the brainchild of gaming luminary Robin D. Laws.  A man that has been in the industry forever, he wrote what is still one of the … Continue reading Review: Night’s Black Agents

CPR: Breathing Life Into Your Game, World and Character

Keep Calm and describe what you sense... As both GMs and Players, and even aspiring authors, Josh and I are big advocates of the storytelling aspect of the Cypher System. It's one of the big reasons that we started this blog in the first place. This post is going to talk about how we inject … Continue reading CPR: Breathing Life Into Your Game, World and Character