Cage Match: PC v. PC Conflict

"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" they used to yell at the playground... Anyone who knows us knows that Joann and I fall very firmly into the camp that tabletop roleplaying games are collaborative storytelling.  Much like the cooperative board games currently on the market (which we also love), the players are working together to both accomplish a … Continue reading Cage Match: PC v. PC Conflict

Review: Blades in the Dark

Powered by the Apocalypse, written by John Harper of One Seven Design, and produced by Evil Hat Productions (the people who brought us FATE and its variants), Blades in the Dark is a grim, semi-historical, fantasy RPG. The sentence that caught my eye while reading the setting blurb was: ‘You are in a haunted Victorian-era … Continue reading Review: Blades in the Dark