Original Content: A.D.I. Mark IV Freighter Deckplan

Here at Angel's Citadel, we've noticed that outside of things like The Stars are Fire and Ganza Gaming's Cruel Stars supplements, there is a distinct dearth of Space Science Fiction material. Over the next while, we're hoping to change that. But for now, I thought I'd give you all another 100% free piece of cartography. … Continue reading Original Content: A.D.I. Mark IV Freighter Deckplan

Original Content: Timberchurch NPCs

To go along with the city of Timberchurch that Josh released for your use, I thought it might be nice to put together a list of the NPCs mentioned in that document with some artwork. That way, it would be easier to describe to your players the person they were seeing (or if you're lazy … Continue reading Original Content: Timberchurch NPCs

Original Content: Timberchurch

In brainstorming things that we could do to help Cypher System GMs out there, the idea occurred to us that one of the things that a Cypher GM has to manage is putting together set-pieces for their players to explore. We've started putting out NPCs to help, and there are both more NPCs and other … Continue reading Original Content: Timberchurch

Original Content: Cypher NPCs

One of the ways that we at Angel's Citadel figured we could help out GMs is to post some original content that you could use in your games. So here are some NPCs. Free, as in beer. Feel free to take them, change them however you wish, and drop them in your games. Use the … Continue reading Original Content: Cypher NPCs