Original Content: Timberchurch NPCs

To go along with the city of Timberchurch that Josh released for your use, I thought it might be nice to put together a list of the NPCs mentioned in that document with some artwork. That way, it would be easier to describe to your players the person they were seeing (or if you’re lazy efficient like me, you could just show them the picture). So without further ado, in a two-for-one Bonus post, here’s some more NPCs for you to use.

Lord Keric Periand

Level: 3
Stern Human Noble
Health: 16
Armor: 1
Attacks as Level 4
Positive Social Interactions as Level 5

Age: 43

Lord Periand is a stern, taciturn man who believes that everyone should work for their way. He’s loving towards his family and his people but has little time for ne’er do wells. His focus is on making his town prosper.

Abbot Lyran Hollyant

Level: 4
Forgiving Elf Cleric
Health: 15
Healing as Level 6

Age: 518

Abbot Hollyant is a polite, and forgiving female who worships Frisyr. She is extremely family oriented and helpful to those with young children. Her nature seems out of place in such a frontier town, but her two Deacons protect her quite handily when needed.

Sergeant Garth Jirand

Level: 5
Impartial Half-Orc Warrior
Health: 16
Armor: 2
Attacks as Level 6

Age: 30

Sergeant Jirand is a soldier’s soldier. He has spent more time on the field of battle than most. He retired here to spend the rest of his days protecting those in need. The laws are to be upheld, so long as it’s for the good of the people.

Elana Morrell

Level: 3
Gregarious Human Inkeeper
Positive Social Interactions as Level 5

Age: 26

Elana Morrell is a jovial person, always happy to see and greet people, her joy and focus on serving others has made her tavern and inn a popular place for people to stop in while traveling.

Zenia Verym

Level: 4
Passionate Human Millworker
Might-based Tasks as Level 5

Age: 28

Zenia Verym is a fierce, dark-haired woman who helped build the town from the ground up. She is loyal and stalwart. Her focus is on improving the town and the conditions of the people in it. She limits her word use to what’s necessary and avoids small talk, unless she’s been drinking, then she becomes a bit more verbose.

Brannus Ferrick

Level: 3
Charming Human Speaker
Health: 10
Negotiation as Level 6

Age: 36

Brannus Ferrick is the gypsy leader who travels to and through Timberchurch on a regular basis. He is extremely eager to talk to anyone about anything. His words carry weight with Lord Periand, getting on his good side will often mean Lord Periand will view you favorably.

Isthyn Serim

Level: 3
Tough Human Cleric
Health: 12
Healing as Level 5
Positive Social Interactions as Level 4

Age: 26

Isthyn Serim is a young, but tough cleric. His focus is on helping those who can’t help themselves and is very into leading people into the light. He doesn’t care who you worship as long as you do good for the sake of doing good. Help those without hope and heal those who are suffering.

Thekk Broadhammer

Level: 4
Amiable Dwarf Warrior
Health: 16
Attacks as Level 5

Age: 82

Thekk Broadhammer is a gruff but amiable dwarf who enjoys good drink, good food and a good fight. He’s had weekly altercations that somehow get resolved before the guards arrived with patron and fighter alike returning to their drink with great cheer. When his tavern is open it’s always filled with laughter and drunken singing, usually accompanied by a cowbell.

Porta Highfield

Level: 4
Crafty Human Merchant
Health: 14
Negotiations as Level 5
Identifying and Appraisal as Level 6

Age: 32

Porta Highfield is a slender woman who turned a failing general story into a thriving mercantile and sells up and down the river. She is concise with her word use, but always eager to see adventurers. She keeps her shelves well stocked and filled with the best goods.

  • Joann Walles

Characters were created using Character Artist and TokenTool

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