But wait… there’s MORE?!?!

Angel’s Citadel has been doing our thing now for over a year. There’s been a lot of blog posts. Advice, reviews, some content… But we’ve wanted to release a lot more. If you like what we do, consider becoming a patron. There are three tiers available for you to choose from with increasing rewards for each:


We are going to start putting up exclusive content that is just for Patrons (the first one is already up…). Maps, NPCs, adventure hooks, and other useful tools to help with your games. Why? Because we appreciate the hell out of those who choose to support us, that’s why. Happy gaming!

  • Josh & Joann Walles

Now on DriveThruRPG, from Angel’s Citadel… A brand new, original setting for the Cypher System! The Hope’s Horizon Starter Kit requires the Revised Cypher System Rulebook from Monte Cook Games.

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