Review: Edge of the Sun

This is it, folks.  This is the one I have been waiting for from this Kickstarter.  And even before I give you the rest of the review, I’ll give you a hint.  It does not disappoint.  Bruce Cordell brings all the sciency weird goodness of Numenera to the table in his new book, Edge of … Continue reading Review: Edge of the Sun

Review: Jade Colossus – Ruins of the Prior Worlds

Most of the time, a given rules system has that “must have” supplement.  The one that makes your life so much easier as a GM.  Sometimes it’s released by the main company, sometimes it’s a third-party.  I’ve known several.  For Dungeons & Dragons 3.XE it was AEG’s Ultimate Toolbox.  For Shadowrun 4E it was Runner’s … Continue reading Review: Jade Colossus – Ruins of the Prior Worlds

Why Player Intrusions?

Coming from a background of other roleplaying games as Joann and I do, I remember how long it took us to wrap our minds around the idea of the GM intrusion.  From our earliest times of looking and Numenera through the original print of the Cypher System Rulebook, GM Intrusions were confusing initially.  We had … Continue reading Why Player Intrusions?

Review: Liminal Shore

It's time, once again, to enter a bizarre new world, full of strange things to discover. Welcome... to the Liminal Shore. I remember when I first read Numenera.  The setting captured my imagination in a way nothing had since Dungeons & Dragons when I was a young boy.  The blend of the familiar and the … Continue reading Review: Liminal Shore

Review: Voices of the Datasphere

I remember as a young boy when I was old enough (it was released when I was four), watching Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, and Cindy Morgan face off against David Warner in the movie classic, Tron.  It was the lights that fascinated me.  The blues of the memory discs and the light cycles.  The reds … Continue reading Review: Voices of the Datasphere