Fjook Enterprises Interviews

One of the great things that we get to do since we’ve formed Angel’s Citadel is to get to meet some neat people in various social circles. Many of these people have become friends of ours. A while ago, Fjook, from Fjook Enterprises interviewed both of us talking about our experiences in roleplaying as GMs in his quest to interview every GM on the planet. I’ve got some ambitious goals, but that one is pretty darn impressive. We’re glad to be getting in at the front end of it. For those of you interested, have a look at his YouTube Channel.

Thanks for having us, Fjook!

  • Josh & Joann Walles

Now on DriveThruRPG, from Angel’s Citadel… A brand new, original setting for the Cypher System! The Hope’s Horizon Starter Kit requires the Revised Cypher System Rulebook from Monte Cook Games.

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