Writing a Campaign

I had a hard time with this blog post.  And it was not because I don’t see value in writing a campaign, but because, for the most part, I am an improv GM and typically don’t write campaigns. To get this blog post written, I had to cast my mind back many, many years to … Continue reading Writing a Campaign

Deities, Laws, and the Consequences of Choice

For today’s article, I’d want to take another look at worldbuilding, specifically, some of the things that help a campaign world feel “alive” to your players.  We’re going to talk about choice and consequence.  One of the biggest selling points of tabletop roleplaying games is the freedom.  When a GM asks, “What do you do?”, … Continue reading Deities, Laws, and the Consequences of Choice

Tropes and Cliches

Josh has yet to include an NPC in his games named Sam Smorkle. I feel let down... GM: “You have been summoned to a tavern where a hooded man waits in a dark corner, several burly guards around him.  He appears to have a rolled up scroll next to him on the table.  As you … Continue reading Tropes and Cliches

What if I Screw Up?

One of the earliest recorded instances of the facepalm... One of the things I’ve noticed in gaming is this interesting desire for perfection. There seems to be a wide-spread desire to play the perfect game, tell the perfect story, have the perfect amount of game knowledge (rules, lore, or both). This is also often combined … Continue reading What if I Screw Up?

Battlemaps (and Art, Tokens, and Props) vs. Theater of the Mind

So, in this article I’m talking about another one of those cutthroat, knockdown, dragout topics that we gamers seem to love arguing about our opinions on: Battlemaps vs. Theater of the Mind.  We’re going to look at what the difference is and which you should use. I’m going to start off with the answer to … Continue reading Battlemaps (and Art, Tokens, and Props) vs. Theater of the Mind