Angel’s Citadel plays Low Fantasy Gaming (Part 2)

Last night, Joann and I had an opportunity to sit down with Jason Hobbs of Hobbs and Friends and John Polack of Mr. Mean Speaks to play some more Low Fantasy Gaming by Steve Grodzicki of Pickpocket Press. This time, we were joined by another one of the Meanie Army, Nasser, who in a move evocative of his Superbeast name, woke up at 5 AM where he lives to play with us. Those of you who have been following our blog have probably already seen the review that we did of Low Fantasy Gaming earlier this month. Jason and John and Nasser are all great guys and we enjoyed the heck out of playing with them in this second in a series of episodes. We want to thank Jason for hosting it on his Twitch Channel, and John both once again for graciously consenting to run it for us.

For those of you that want to see it, you can head over to to Jason’s Twitch Channel over at the link above or check it out on his YouTube channel below. We look forward to more of this game (as they mention at the end, there are a few more sessions) and doing more things like it that we can share with you. Happy gaming!

  • Josh Walles

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