Original Content: Cypher NPCs

One of the ways that we at Angel’s Citadel figured we could help out GMs is to post some original content that you could use in your games. So here are some NPCs. Free, as in beer. Feel free to take them, change them however you wish, and drop them in your games. Use the artwork as well. It’s free too. Ultimately, we just want to provide things that will help and will periodically be doing so. All of our original content posted here will be free and public use. All of it will be bonus posts, because we figure you all deserve something a little extra from time to time just for being the awesome community you are. So, here you go! The images were created over on Artbreeder.

David Darkdraft

Level: 4
Surly Human Merchant

Age: 44

David is a slender male with a dancer’s build. He is slow to trust other people and spends most of his time working in a shop that caters to adventurers. Grumpy, and tends towards the sarcastic side. He shows his own form of caring in having good gear available for purchase and will occasionally cut deals for people he likes.

Emeline Laughingsteel

Level: 2
Jovial Human Bodyguard
Health: 15
Speed and Might Defense as Level 3

Age: 23

Emeline is a muscular female whose sword is for hire only for protection. She very much believes in living life to the fullest and is happy to drink or chat with anyone except when on a job. Her joy is often infectious and encourages most to relax around her.

  • Joann Walles

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